Runs a query.


SELECT [DISTINCT] select_item [,select_item]...
FROM table_element [join element]...
[WHERE condition]
[GROUP BY expression [,expression]... [HAVING condition] ] [ORDER BY orderby_item [,orderby_item]... ]
[LIMIT row_count OFFSET row_offset]

schema_name.]table_name.]  |  expression [ [as] alias]*

--expression (returns a value)
simple_expression    |  (expression)     | 
function(expression) |  case_expression  | 
expression [+ | - | * | /] expression

--simple_expression (returns a value) 
column_identifier  |  literal  |  NULL 


[schema_name.]table_name [ [as] alias]  |
(query_block) [as] alias

[INNER | LEFT OUTER | RIGHT OUTER | FULL OUTER | CROSS] JOIN table_element ON join_condition

--join_condition (returns TRUE/FALSE/NULL)
expression <=> expression |

--Condition (returns TRUE/FALSE/NULL) 
simple_condition              | 
(condition)                   | 
condition AND | OR condition  | 
NOT condition 

--simple_condition (returns TRUE/FALSE/NULL) 
expression = | != | <> | > | >= | < | <= expression | 
expression BETWEEN expression AND expression | 
expression LIKE 'string_pattern'                    | 
expression IS [NOT] NULL                            | 
column [NOT] IN ( query_block | list_of_value )

expression [ASC | DESC]

Parameter Details


there is no limit to the number of tables or sub-queries in a join.

Only join conditions that use "equals to" conditions (equi-joins) are supported. Only ANSI syntax is supported (a join b on condition).
In the ON clause, only join conditions are supported, not single-table filter conditions.
Self joins are not supported in the same FROM clause;  you can, however, use the same table in different sub-queries.
The Join clause in Jethro supports the NULL -safe equal comparison operator (<=>). The expression: T1 JOIN T2 ON T1.C<=>T2.C is equivalent to the expression: T1 JOIN T2 ON T1.C=T2.C OR (T1.C IS NULL AND T2.C IS NULL)

IN IN accepts a list of values or an uncorrelated sub-query only a single left column is supported. Correlated sub-queries are not supported.