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Version 1.5.0  |  Version 1.4.0  |  Version 1.3.0  |  Version 1.2.0  |  Version 1.1.0 

Version 1.5.0

This version requires Jethro server v3.4 or higher.

RELEASE DATE: Dec 24, 2017

  • Multi-Schema support added.

  • HTTPS support added.
  • Global parameters workspace added.


  • INSERT Into statements now shown in Load Monitor.

  • Table and column identifiers now up to 128 characters.

  • Now using Express web framework (instead of Loopback)

Known Issues

  • When upgrading, the HTTP port is restored to 9100. If using a custom port, it needs to be re-configured.

Version 1.4.0

RELEASE DATE: Nov 15, 2017

  • Added an ability to detach an instance from the UI.

  • Added the ability to delete an instance from the UI.
  • Fresh look-and-feel including colors, fonts and dialogs.
  • Now compatible with Microsoft Edge browser (latest version - 40.15063.674.0 or higher)


  • Support dynamic load of JDBC driver.

  • Allow changing Jethro Manager log level from the UI.

  • Allow installing Jethro Manager using a custom user and group

  • Jethro Manager can now be installed on Centos 6.x OSs.
  • Jethro Manager can now be installed on Ubuntu 14.04 (as .deb package). See known issue.
  • Auto-detection of JAVA_HOME in case of multiple JAVA installations.
  • Ability to download Jethro Manager logs and configuration for support purposes.

Bug Fixes

  • WEBUI-705  - Failed to auto-detect field delimiter on certain occasions.
  • WEBUI-656  - No syntax error when running invalid/wrong query in Hive/Impala shell.
  • WEBUI-655  - Updating an instance password using the UI does not reconnect to it if was already connected.
  • WEBUI-580  - the free disk space for instance cache is incorrect.

Known Issues

  • On Ubuntu 14.04, Jethro Manager service does not auto-start after installation. To start it, follow this procedure.

Version 1.3.0

RELEASE DATE: Sep 03, 2017

  • Added an ability to load data from external tables.


  • Added OS info to Help > About

  • Allow loading to a new table using UPPER case letters for table and column names

  • Allow using SSH key for

Bug Fixes

  • WEBUI-630 - Failed to connect after installation to server (localhost) automatically

  • WEBUI-615 - Load Manager shows previous loading's of a different instance than the one you are currently connected to

  • WEBUI-579 - After reinstallation of JethroMNG, server is not recognized

  • WEBUI-620 - Failure to select 'skip N rows' and 'First Row Is Column Name'

Version 1.2.1

RELEASE DATE: Jul 19, 2017

  • Added support for Column NULL Definition


  • Login screen modified

  • GUI version is visible from the WEBUI

  • New style guide for buttons

Bug Fixes

  • WEBUI-509 - There are a few issues with page presentation while using BACK button

  • WEBUI-327 - Delimiter should be 1 character long

  • WEBUI-586 - Cannot repeat load which was done via JethroClient

Known Limitations

  • WEBUI-412 - Inserting unsupported queries into the loading page (HIVE/Impala) generates time-out message.

  • if the load fails/succeeds immediately, the current load disappears from the the load list. Clicking again the refresh button solves the issue.

Version 1.2.0

RELEASE DATE: Jul 11, 2017

  • RPM upgrade is supported (from this version onwards)
  • Loading of zipped CSV file is now supported


  • Setting the log level doesn't require a restart of the server

Bug Fixes

  • WEBUI-471 - Unix Sockets are left open after uninstalling Jethro Manager
  • WEBUI-525 - Uninstall generates warning messages
  • WEBUI-507 - Due to wrong load start-time, the Load-list order is confusing
  • WEBUI-349 - We fail to recognize /001 (^A) as a delimiter from file.
  • WEBUI-452 - HIVE/Impala: Loading part of the data (not using select *) requires manual insertion of column names.
  • WEBUI-211 - Data type will always suggest FLOAT even when all numbers in data file are from type DOUBLE.
  • WEBUI-510 - Jethro Manager runs as a root.
  • WEBUI-477 - Sometimes "Enter Cache Path" get stuck.
  • Slow update of the system-table

Version 1.1

RELEASE DATE: Jun 18, 2017

  • New instances connection management screen.


  • WEBUI-274 Add support for non standard queries that do not begin with "select * from" for Hive/Impala
  • New location for the account page.
  • Infrastructure upgrades.
  • Table formatting for the source data preview.
  • Link to documentation in the right upper side.

Bug Fixes

  • WEBUI-264 Reinstalling doesn't work properly.
  • WEBUI-43 After trying to create instance that already exist (same name) you cant continue.
  • WEBUI-96 The UI doesn't offer float as the suggested data type.
  • WEBUI-65 Checking the 'first row as column name' loads the first row as data.
  • WEBUI-28 SSH connection problems

Known Limitations

  • WEBUI-525 Uninstall generates redundant warning messages.
  • WEBUI-467 Upgrading to new version (-e and –i) requires reconfiguration of the Jethromng port.
  • WEBUI-346 Loading of zipped CSV files is not supported.
  • WEBUI-92   The current algorithm for time stamp detection cant detect timestamps with date only.
  • WEBUI-535 Refreshing a page causes disconnection from the current connected instance.
  • WEBUI-415 External tables are not supported for load processes from the GUI.
  • WEBUI-211 - Data type will always suggest FLOAT even when all numbers in data file are from type DOUBLE.

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