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Connection to Jethro from external BI tools or SQL query tools can be established using Jethro ODBC / JDBC drivers. Jethro also provides a SQL command line interface client (JethroClient). Installation and configuration instructions for each driver and method are provided under the following sections:

Supported OS

Clients supported for Windows:

  • ODBC 32/64 bit
  • JDBC

Clients supported for Linux:

  • ODBC
  • JethroClient (CLI)
  • JDBC

Clients supported for Mac:

  • ODBC
  • JDBC

Best practices

  1. On windows OS, when a few connection methods are offered by a query tool, it is recommended to install and use the ODBC driver 64 bit version (if possible), and to create a DSN connection.
  2. JethroClient CLI can be invoked on any Jethro node, and is commonly used to execute SQL commands and queries outside of BI tools.
  3. Another great SQL query tool commonly used to interact with Jethro, is SQL Workbench. A step by step guide for connecting SQL Workbench to Jethro, can be found under the JDBC driver - Connecting to SQL Query Tools section.
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