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This section provides a list of security measures that are offered to protect Jethro Instances. The security measures are divided into the following categories:


The act of verifying the identity of a user.


The function of specifying access rights to resources and operations.


The ability to monitor selected user actions according to a defined security policy.


USER - An individual, identified by an underlying authentication system. A User is defined and authenticated via an external LDAP service.

GROUP - A set of one or more users. Group are defined via an external LDAP service.

OBJECT - A Jethro entity that contain other entities and/or can be access by user. Entities include: INSTANCE, SCHEMA, TABLE and VIEW.

PERMISSION - An Instruction or rule that allows access to an OBJECT by a USER. 

ROLE - A set of permissions. ROLE is identified by role name. ROLE can be applied to GROUP. The relations between ROLES and GROUP are defined within Jethro authorization model.

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