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Version 3.9.0  | Version 3.8.0  |  Version 3.7.0  |  Version 3.5.0  |  Version 3.3.0 |  Version 3.0.0  

ODBC 3.9.0



JD-6411 Allow non-standard boolean case expressions to pass ODBC parser

ODBC 3.8.8

RELEASE DATE: Sep 15, 2020

Bug Fixes

JD-6393 Expend ODBC host/server string format with special strings substitution

ODBC 3.8.7

RELEASE DATE: Jan 30, 2020

Bug Fixes

JD-6359 Add detailed error messages on connect failure (Failed to create new session)
JD-6361 Report full CROSS JOIN support

ODBC 3.8.6

RELEASE DATE: Apr 3, 2019

Bug Fixes

JD-6321 ODBC parsetree.log file removal

ODBC 3.8.5

RELEASE DATE: Jun 4, 2018

Bug Fixes

JD-5914 Expose SQL functions LCASE() and UCASE() supported from Jethro 3.4.6

ODBC 3.8.4

RELEASE DATE: Apr 3, 2018

Bug Fixes

JD-5914 ODBC V3.8.0 hangs when connecting from Tableau on Windows 7

ODBC 3.8.3

RELEASE DATE: Mar 22, 2018

Bug Fixes

JD-5915 Remove settings that cause Tableau to send unsupported functions LCASE, UCASE

ODBC 3.8.2

RELEASE DATE: Mar 6, 2018

New Features

JD-5811 Report new function: Left(string, int)

Bug Fixes

JD-5816 String functions not reported by ODBC: lowercase, uppercase, length

ODBC 3.8.1

RELEASE DATE: Feb 26, 2018

Bug Fixes

JD-5663 Data type names inconsistency between SQLGetTypeInfo and SQLColumns

ODBC 3.8.0

RELEASE DATE: Jan 25, 2018

New Features

JD-4469 Add test connection button


JD-4825 Tableau TDC - suppress warnings about data source limitations

Bug Fixes

JD-5600 Cancel query signaled from Tableau is not received by ODBC

ODBC 3.7.1


JD-5084 Add to Tableau TDC: CAP_QUERY_WHERE_FALSE_METADATA='yes' (optimized as of version 3.3.1)
JD-5093 Add to Tableau TDC: CAP_QUERY_TOP_0_METADATA='yes' (optimized as of version 3.3.1)

Bug Fixes

JD-5302 Tableau hangs following session disconnection (ODBC returned status is not identified by Tableau)

ODBC 3.7

New Features

JD-5305 Support ODBC GetTables() & GetColumns() for specific schema/table API as SHOW FULL TABLES in <schema/table>

ODBC 3.5

New Features

JD-4827 Queries load balancing - skip busy nodes

ODBC 3.3

New Features

JD-4983 Support both old and new timestamps formats depending on server version


JD-4977 Allow alias name length of up to 128 characters (previously was 64 characters)

Bug Fixes
JD-4937 Tableau: Connection with multiple servers in DSN-less mode fails. Semicolon seprator (;) breaks connection string parse. Add support for colon (,) seperator for DSN-less connection string

ODBC 3.0


JD-4151 Allow INSERT INTO via ODBC
JD-4466 Support standard attributes in the ODBC connection string (SERVER, DATABASE)

Bug Fixes

JD-3566 Create and drop table not allowed via ODBC
JD-4020 Expose server version via ODBC API
JD-4495 Drop view not allow via ODBC
JD-4705 Driver version property via SQLgetInfo return SDK version instead of ODBC version

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