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Version 1.6.0  |  Version 1.5.0  |  Version 1.4.0  |  Version 1.3.0  |  Version 1.2.0  |  Version 1.1.0 

Version 1.6.0

This version requires Jethro server v3.4.6 or higher.

RELEASE DATE: May 16, 2018

  • Workspace pages added for supporting full management of schemas, tables, views, external tables and data sources.

  • Run Query page added, allowing free user query.


  • Global parameters page enhanced with parameter descriptions.
  • Added support for configuring log file size and total number of files.

Known Issues

  • It is not possible to create/edit HIVE external table via Jethro Manager (yet), Jethro CLI must be used. The issue will be addressed in next release.

Version 1.5.0

This version requires Jethro server v3.4 or higher.

RELEASE DATE: Dec 24, 2017

  • Multi-Schema support added.

  • HTTPS support added.
  • Global parameters workspace added.


  • INSERT Into statements now shown in Load Monitor.

  • Table and column identifiers now up to 128 characters.

  • Now using Express web framework (instead of Loopback)

Known Issues

  • When upgrading, the HTTP port is restored to 9100. If using a custom port, it needs to be re-configured.

Version 1.4.0

RELEASE DATE: Nov 15, 2017

  • Added an ability to detach an instance from the UI.

  • Added the ability to delete an instance from the UI.
  • Fresh look-and-feel including colors, fonts and dialogs.
  • Now compatible with Microsoft Edge browser (latest version - 40.15063.674.0 or higher)


  • Support dynamic load of JDBC driver.

  • Allow changing Jethro Manager log level from the UI.

  • Allow installing Jethro Manager using a custom user and group

  • Jethro Manager can now be installed on Centos 6.x OSs.
  • Jethro Manager can now be installed on Ubuntu 14.04 (as .deb package). See known issue.
  • Auto-detection of JAVA_HOME in case of multiple JAVA installations.
  • Ability to download Jethro Manager logs and configuration for support purposes.

Bug Fixes

  • WEBUI-705  - Failed to auto-detect field delimiter on certain occasions.
  • WEBUI-656  - No syntax error when running invalid/wrong query in Hive/Impala shell.
  • WEBUI-655  - Updating an instance password using the UI does not reconnect to it if was already connected.
  • WEBUI-580  - the free disk space for instance cache is incorrect.

Known Issues

  • On Ubuntu 14.04, Jethro Manager service does not auto-start after installation. To start it, follow this procedure.

Version 1.3.0

RELEASE DATE: Sep 03, 2017

  • Added an ability to load data from external tables.


  • Added OS info to Help > About

  • Allow loading to a new table using UPPER case letters for table and column names

  • Allow using SSH key for

Bug Fixes

  • WEBUI-630 - Failed to connect after installation to server (localhost) automatically

  • WEBUI-615 - Load Manager shows previous loading's of a different instance than the one you are currently connected to

  • WEBUI-579 - After reinstallation of JethroMNG, server is not recognized

  • WEBUI-620 - Failure to select 'skip N rows' and 'First Row Is Column Name'

Version 1.2.1

RELEASE DATE: Jul 19, 2017

  • Added support for Column NULL Definition


  • Login screen modified

  • GUI version is visible from the WEBUI

  • New style guide for buttons

Bug Fixes

  • WEBUI-509 - There are a few issues with page presentation while using BACK button

  • WEBUI-327 - Delimiter should be 1 character long

  • WEBUI-586 - Cannot repeat load which was done via JethroClient

Known Limitations

  • WEBUI-412 - Inserting unsupported queries into the loading page (HIVE/Impala) generates time-out message.

  • if the load fails/succeeds immediately, the current load disappears from the the load list. Clicking again the refresh button solves the issue.

Version 1.2.0

RELEASE DATE: Jul 11, 2017

  • RPM upgrade is supported (from this version onwards)
  • Loading of zipped CSV file is now supported


  • Setting the log level doesn't require a restart of the server

Bug Fixes

  • WEBUI-471 - Unix Sockets are left open after uninstalling Jethro Manager
  • WEBUI-525 - Uninstall generates warning messages
  • WEBUI-507 - Due to wrong load start-time, the Load-list order is confusing
  • WEBUI-349 - We fail to recognize /001 (^A) as a delimiter from file.
  • WEBUI-452 - HIVE/Impala: Loading part of the data (not using select *) requires manual insertion of column names.
  • WEBUI-211 - Data type will always suggest FLOAT even when all numbers in data file are from type DOUBLE.
  • WEBUI-510 - Jethro Manager runs as a root.
  • WEBUI-477 - Sometimes "Enter Cache Path" get stuck.
  • Slow update of the system-table

Version 1.1

RELEASE DATE: Jun 18, 2017

  • New instances connection management screen.


  • WEBUI-274 Add support for non standard queries that do not begin with "select * from" for Hive/Impala
  • New location for the account page.
  • Infrastructure upgrades.
  • Table formatting for the source data preview.
  • Link to documentation in the right upper side.

Bug Fixes

  • WEBUI-264 Reinstalling doesn't work properly.
  • WEBUI-43 After trying to create instance that already exist (same name) you cant continue.
  • WEBUI-96 The UI doesn't offer float as the suggested data type.
  • WEBUI-65 Checking the 'first row as column name' loads the first row as data.
  • WEBUI-28 SSH connection problems

Known Limitations

  • WEBUI-525 Uninstall generates redundant warning messages.
  • WEBUI-467 Upgrading to new version (-e and –i) requires reconfiguration of the Jethromng port.
  • WEBUI-346 Loading of zipped CSV files is not supported.
  • WEBUI-92   The current algorithm for time stamp detection cant detect timestamps with date only.
  • WEBUI-535 Refreshing a page causes disconnection from the current connected instance.
  • WEBUI-415 External tables are not supported for load processes from the GUI.
  • WEBUI-211 - Data type will always suggest FLOAT even when all numbers in data file are from type DOUBLE.

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