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JDBC 3.9.1

RELEASE DATE: Dec 16, 2019

Bug Fixes

JD-5658 JethroServer generates multiple "Server failed to find session" messages
JD-6354 Driver manager using JethroJDBC instead of other DB driver - Driver.connect method should return null

JDBC 3.9.0

RELEASE DATE: Oct 31, 2018

Bug Fixes

JD-5464 DatabaseMetaData.getIdentifierQuoteString() to return curret value (")
JD-6272 Redundant error message in jdbc.log: ERROR com.jethrodata.JethroResultSet - Interrupt occured while inserting last error message

JDBC 3.8.0

RELEASE DATE: Jan 31, 2018

Bug Fixes

JD-5649 Method JethroResultSetMetaData.getColumnClassName to return correct object type
JD-5584 Query cancel is not sent to server when calling JethroStatement.cancel and JethroStatement.close methods  

JDBC 3.6

New Features

JD-5305 Support JDBC GetTables() & GetColumns() for specific schema/table API as SHOW FULL TABLES in <schema/table>

JDBC 3.5

New Features

JD-4827 Queries load balancing - skip busy nodes

JDBC 3.3

New Features

JD-4983 Support both old and new timestamps formats depending on server version

JDBC 2.2

New Features

JD-4574 Improve JDBC logs and logs control via log4j

Bug Fixes

JD-4551 Failing instance authentication on multi connection scenario generated large number of repeated failing request and error messages in jethro.log
JD-4760 JDBC - calling cancel method causes JDBC to fail with null exception

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